[initial key G]

Chi[G]cago Chi[Gdim]cago that [D7] toddl'ing town
Chicago Chicago I'll [G] show you around
I love it; Bet your bottom [Daug] dollar
You [G] lose the blues in Chi[A7]cago Chicago
The [D7] town that Billy Sunday could not shut [G] down
[Eb7   C   D7]

On [G] State Street that [Gdim] great street
I [D7] just want to say
They do things they [B7] don't do on Broad[Em]way
[E7] Say
[C] They have a time the time of their life
[G] I saw a man he danced with his wife
in Chi[A7]cago Chi[D7]cago my home [G] town.
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