Learn to improvise: computer help

The styling of the site is chosen to make it easy to read and to print. The pages and the sound examples can be saved for off-line use.

The underlined colored words are links. By clicking with the left button of the mouse on it the particular page will appear or the sound example can be heard. The sounds are important as no score is used for the examples. With links one can go from each page to the next page, the homepage or the index.

The sounds are mostly in MIDI and sometimes in mp3. MIDI can be loaded 100 times faster than mp3.

If no sound is heard one may look if the loudspeakers are plugged in and switched on. Next, one can look at the adjustment of the player program:
Start> Programs> Bureau-accessories> Entertainment> Play control.
Now a number of control sliders will appear:
Play Control, Wav/DirectSound, MIDI, etc.
These three controllers must be available. Put them in the highest position and of course 'mute' must not be selected.
If not all of these controls are at present, one can click on:
options> properties> play control, etc, to select them in the list.

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