Learn to improvise: course-members

Though most of the course-members prefer to play on an acoustic piano, they were prepared to play on a MIDI-instrument to give you an idea of the way they improvise. Some stick close to a particular song, others just make a musical impression. Click on a name to hear the person play.

Alexandre Website course-member.
Anke Composes pieces but doesn't play one of them this time.
Annie Can let an acoustic piano 'sing' as no one else.
Bart Plays evergreens by ear.
Dick Improvises complex music with nice harmonies.
Dorien Plays well from Klavarscribo, but can improvise too.
Ed First year in the group. The type for a party.
Edith Has a penetrating style and sings her home-made songs.
Frans Accordionist who accompanies his singing.
Fred Plays by intuition.
George Artistic sensitive.
Hans D Accordionist; has unlimited fantasy for narrative music style.
Hans M Plays different styles; pedal work is limited by a foot injury.
Henk Has a great repertoire and performs also professionally.
Henkk Plays the stride style well and knows many evergreens by heart.
Jirko Born in Czech Republic and is accordingly musical.
Jo Plays clarinet and broadens his musical vision with the piano.
Joep Has introduced the heavenly music style in the group.
Ko Joined the group recently but is already familiar with chords.
Lisette Saxophonist; broadens her musical vision with the piano.
Marij Plays the organ and has to get used to the paino.
Meta Performs regularly, knows many songs and accompanies community singing.
Nel Plays accordion and invents always expressive melodies.
Nonny Her style give a meditative air.
Ria Classical oriented and improvises accordingly.
Sjanny Classically well educated and improvises magnificently.
Suzanne Plays the cello and is only recently in the course.
Teun Saxophonist and big band arranger, for which he uses the organ.
Vera Improvises beautifully according to an unfathomable formula.
Veronie Classically well educated and started improvising at a later date.

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