My way

[Initial key: G]

And [G/G] now the end is [G/Ges] near
and so I [G/F] face the final [E7/E] curtain
My [Am/A] friend I'll say it [Am/G] clear
I'll state my [D7/F#] case
of [D7/D] which I'm [G] certain

I've lived a life that's [G7] full
I've travelled [C] much
and every [Cm] highway
and [G] more much more than [D7] this
I did it [C] my [G] way.

Yes there were [G] times
I'm sure you [G7] knew
when I bit [C] off
more than I could chew
but thru it [Am] all
when there was [D7] doubt
I ate it [Bm] up and spit it [Em] out
I faced it [Am] all and I stood [D7] tall
and did it [C] my [G] way.
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