Speech presentation Zilveren Waalbrugspeld by acting mayor of Nijmegen, P.J.J. Lucassen.

Dear mister Krammer,

Nijmegen is a city to be proud of. That is because of its rich history, its beautiful buildings and its magnificent environment, but even more because of the people who live there. And you, mister Krammer, are one of them.

In 1987 you started to give improvisation lessons at home entirely disinterestedly. The interest was so big, that you started to give lessons in a group in Community Centre Dukenburg. You give lessons to two groups of students. Thirty students each week may let themselves get inspired by you. Already twenty years you give lessons in ''Learn to improvise on the piano'' with a lot of enthusiasm. With your personal approach you have inspired hundreds of people. You always make time for everybody, even outside the lessons.

Since 2003 you also have your own website: www.improvise.nl. Many students present themselves after visiting your website. A week after teaching a lesson it stands on your website already. Even in two languages: English and Dutch. But recently also in French.

Furthermore you have also taken the initiative to make a music dictionary. A music dictionary English-Dutch, Dutch-English. It contains words that even get lost in the most advanced dictionaries. Concerning the content it is of a high level. It means an absolute acquisition for the musical world.

Your love for the piano music is indescribable big. Your motto therefore is: ''have love for your own playing and try every time again to come to the free expression of whom you really are''. You give your students all free room to play. You stimulate them every lesson again with a lot of care and respect. You let people who are insecure and shy flourish. By the respect that you give to your students they experience freedom in their playing. The students get more self-confidence and learn to play in their own, unique, way. And that isn't everything. Last month you have also been giving two Jazz Workshops.

Mister Krammer, I told you already, Nijmegen is proud of you. And we like to form that pride in a municipal decoration, the Zilveren Waalbrugspeld. (Literally translated: ''the Silver Waal Bridge Pin'', referring to the river Waal and its famous bridge, that became more or less the symbol of the city of Nijmegen) It is a compliment that I may give to you on behalf of all the inhabitants of Nijmegen.

And I have heard that you can let everybody play the piano. I gladly offer myself hereby to let you try that on me......

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