My Funny Valentine

[initial key Em]

[Em] My funny valentine sweet comic valentine (bass down: e d# d c# c)
[C] you make me [Am] smile with my [Am6] heart [B7]

[Em] Your looks are laughable unphotographable (bass down: e d# d c# c)
[C] yet you're my [Am6] fav'rite work of [Cm] art [D7]

Is your [G] figure [D7] less than [G] Greek
[D7] Is your [G] mouth a [D7] little [G] weak
[D7] when you [G] open [B7] it to [Em] speak
are you [C] smart? [B7] But

[Em] don't change a hair for me not if you care for me (bass down: e d# d c# c)
[C] Stay little [B7] Valentine [Em] Stay [G7]
[C] each day is [Am] valen-[D7]-tine's [G] day.
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