Learn to improvise. 2004-2005. Lesson 22: play exciting.

Don't play your music in a boring way, but give it a telling course and a clear structure with an introduction, one or more peaks and a closing. It is dependent on the atmosphere: dance, ballad, lullaby, etc. Meditative and background music are not supposed to be exciting.

The development of tension is realized by volume, pitch, complexity of structure and speed. We see the same in many things in nature: sex, of course, but also the growth of plants, inventions. They too have peaks and falls in the speed and energy with which they develop.

The usual way is a quiet introduction, then an increase and decrease of tension like a hilly landscape. The artist knows with the right dosage of it to lead his audience through the emotion. Every peak is preceded by a preparation and closed with a solution. If a climax gives the impression to be the last one, but it isn't, the effect of the next one is extra strong.

Even a simple song like 'It's a long way to Tipperary' has peaks and falls.
Chord scheme of the song 'It's a long way to Tipperary'.
Hear the song 'It's a long way to Tipperary'.
We will follow the peaks and falls of this song in the next table.
Hear the pieces of the following table separated.

It's a [C] long way to Tipperary, Introduction, still without tension.
It's a [F] long way Mini-climax.
to [C] go. Solution of the mini-climax.
It's a long way New quiet preamble.
to Tippe-[Am]-rary, Expectation of 2nd climax.
To the [D7] sweetest girl 2nd Climax.
I [G7] know. Solution of the 2nd climax and
Expecting more by not closing with C-chord.
(rest) Silence for extra tension later on.
Good [C] bye, Preamble still with little tension.
Picca-[C7]-dilly. Start of climax with already some tension.
Fare-[F]-well Very near climax.
Leicester [E7] Square. Highest climax.
It's a [C] long, long way to Coming to rest after the climax.
Tippe-[F]-ra-[C]-ry Mini-climax with solution.
But my [D7] heart is A last small climax.
[G7] right [C] there. A clear finish.

Hear the song 'It's a long way to Tipperary' with some breaks etc.

HOMEWORK: Don't play everything equally flat, but try to keep your playing lively by entertaining and understandable course of tension, preferably resulting in a climax near to the end.

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