Learn to improvise. 2005-2006. Lesson 10: website www.improvise.nl, 10 years extra lessons and 7 hours music of Jan Krammer on CD-rom available now.

Because I have a brain tumor and therefore may have to live shortly, I wanted to put my website on CD-rom.

My website - www.improvise.nl - had over 14000 visitors in the month October. That makes me happy.

People who don't have internet cannot visit my website and I find that regrettable.

With the CD-rom that I have made, it is also possible for someone without an on-line computer to follow the lessons of my website, including the sound examples.

The CD-rom contains the following:

1. All lessons that are yet on the website www.improvise.nl
2. All improvisation lessons of 10 year course, namely from 1992 through 2002 (so the course years foregoing the lessons that are on my website now)
3. At least 7 hours music of Jan Krammer on piano, often with singing as well, from Digital Audio Tapes (DAT) recorded in the last 15 years.

Because access to the internet is not needed when using this CD-rom, the advantage is:

1. Your computer cannot get a virus and the costs of a virus scanner don't have to be made.
2. Internet is not necessary, so it saves monthly costs for telephone, cable or ADSL.
3. The PC (desktop/tower) that you can use can stay cheap (at most 99,-)

Who buys a PC for playing this CD-rom has to take care that the following is installed:

- MP3
- A CD-rom station
- A sound station with speakers

You ask for: a PC with (at least) Windows 98 and a CD-rom station: 60,-, an optical mouse, keyboard, monitor, headphones or sound: 40,-

Watch out: a laptop is more expensive then a desktop (but is handy, because you can put it on the piano)

HOMEWORK: Who is interested in this CD-rom can contact Jan Krammer.

Remind the following when you start using it:

1. IMPORTANT! The website www.improvise.nl starts with: _WEB index.html
So scroll to index.html in the list below _WEB and click on it, otherwise the website will not start! This is a necessary starting point!!!
2. The lessons 1992-2002 (Dutch) start with: _OUD
3. The music of Jan Krammer starts with: _DAT

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