Learn to improvise. 2005-2006. Lesson 15: playing with the PC.

In this lesson we look at the possibilities of the technique, to help you with the use of the media where the music and film is standing on. The reason to spend a lesson on this is that I see that many people can't use the discs out of ignorance, while it is simple.
The gramophone, tape recorder and video recorder we leave for what they are. We look at the CD-player, the DVD-player and the PC (=personal computer) To play something on them you use discs: the CD, the CD-rom and the DVD. In these discs information is carved, that let sound or image be played.
It is the type of file that decides WHAT a disc can. The type of file is mentioned BEHIND the dot of the name of it on the disc. For example: .DOC for a document or .WAV for music or .MP3 for compressed music. The most regular type files behind the dots are: .DOC, .DAT, .WAV, MP3, .MPG, etc.

The 2 music-CD's ''Jan Krammer sings on the piano'', presented in January 2002, are CD's in WAV. All chord schemes of these 48 songs are on paper. 2 CD-R Audio

The recordings for my music-CD-rom ''Jan Krammer plays to his own pleasure'' from lesson 12, presented in December 2005, I first made on tape, and then have put on .DAT (digital audio tape) Next I have put it on the PC in the format .WAV. and from there I have converted it via the PC in MP3. MP3 is a special format with which it gets possible to store sounds 5 to 25 times compacter then a CD, without the quality suffering to much from it. Like this on 1 CD-rom can be standing for example 10 hours music, in stead of 1 hour.

A PC can convert .WAV formats into .MP3. (.WAV is the format that stands on a music-CD in the shops and contains about 5 to 25 times more Kb's than a MP3 format, with the result that there fits less music on 1 CD, you never see a CD with 15 hours music on 1 disc). For that it has to compress the music. You can indicate how much you want to compress: 25x, 10x, 14x, 5x, whatever you like. The music on my website is compressed 25x which is not so beautiful because with 25 x you compress audibly at the expense of the sound-quality, but it is economical, which is practical for a website, otherwise it loads slowly and the web space is full quickly. My music-CD-rom in MP3 ''Jan Krammer plays to his own pleasure'' is adjusted on 192KB and is reduced 14x. CD-R Jan Krammer joy.

For the CD-rom with my website on it, consisting of: -WEB. _OUD and _DAT I refer to 'This computer'. 'This computer' is among other possible ways reachable via the 'Windows Scout'. And 'Windows Scout' is reachable if desired via 'Start', left at the bottom of the screen of your desktop. If you find this practical, you can make an icon of your desktop. For it is practical to see in which drive you have put a disc. You go to 'my computer' and look in which drive (:D of :E of :F of :G etcetera) you have put the CD-rom (or, in case of a DVD: the DVD). Next you go to 'www.improvise.nl' CD-R www.improvise.nl:
The most important thing to start -WEB on the PC is first of all double-clicking on index.html.
Thus you don't have to follow my lessons anymore via www.improvise.nl on the internet and you can work virus free and cheap off-line if you like.
-OUD consists of .doc files. These are documents, in this case: my previous lessons on paper.
-DAT consists of .mp3 files. This concerns sound: 7 hours of music. If you have clicked on the right drive you open the numbers by double-clicking on it with your left- or right mouse click.
The file type of the DVD's with the Waalbrugspeld (honor from the city of Nijmegen for 20 years of good work on the field of music) DVD-R waalspeld Jan and the Jazz Workshop of 17 October 2005 is .VOB DVD-R LOGICAL VOLUME IDENTIFIER. There also exists by now a CD-R from Hendrik-Jan: digital recordings with his camcorder in the file type .MPG CD-R IMPROVISATIE_LESSEN_VAN_JAN and CD-R Improvisatie les.
HOMEWORK: Play with the PC and go to 'this computer'. Get around the advertisements of Windows.
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