Learn to improvise. 2005-2006. Lesson 19: course 'Learn to improvise on the piano' NOW available on DVD!

Because I have a brain tumor and might not have to live very long anymore, I tidy up a lot in the house and I do everything I can in these days, to provide that my inheritance, my thoughts and ideas, will be transferred and passed on as good as possible.

Within this framework I sifted and unraveled my closets and found a video tape that I had made in 1997 with love for my daughter, Annemieke. She was busy in her life at that moment and I wanted to leave her this inheritance, for if she would pick up playing the piano on a later age again.

The course of this video tape is put on DVD by now and consists of 2 DVD's. It is a course of 4 hours that consists of 11 lessons, in which I have put the video-camera on myself (in particular on my hands during playing the piano) and so, step by step, explain and demonstrate quietly, how you have to learn to improvise on the piano.

Learn to improvise on the piano:
Lesson 1: chords C and G7
Lesson 2: F
Lesson 3: minor
Lesson 4: chords
Lesson 5: related keys
Lesson 6: melody
Lesson 7: keys Dm en F
Lesson 8: Caug, Cdim, chord Fake Book
Lesson 9: simplify sheet music
Lesson 10: modulations
Lesson 11: styles and personal style

The contents of the course correspond to what I have put on my website www.improvise.nl. The essence is the same, but I have made the video tape in a time, that my website did not exist yet in its present shape.

I have let the course test by several people and they agree that it is a clear and orderly course. Even laymen give positive reactions, while I initially made the course with a musical base of 2 years in mind.

Thus the course is for everyone who wants to learn to improvise on the piano, also for the people who don't have a musical background.

By offering this course of 2 DVD's I hope to make people happy. I hope that playing your own music on the piano brings you as much joy as mine has always given me.

HOMEWORK: Who wants to buy the course 'Learn to improvise on the piano', consisting of 2 DVD's, can contact me via this website. The costs are 10 euro, excluding mailing costs.
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